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Receiving Recognition:
The Certificate of Honors

BDS received a certificate of honor from the commune administrator on August 7 this year for our work to help communities to become self-sufficient. This is the second one in three years . The commune administrator represents the Burundi government.


In his speech of July 18th, 2021, when he visited the Giheta commune, Burundi's president also thanked BDS for its work to transform communities. 


The glory goes to God, we thank you all because without Him working through you, and all other people who help Impact Burundi, we would not have got to this point.

IB Certificate of honor_edited.jpg


Village and Savings Loan (VSL) participants used savings to buy rabbits, chickens, pigs and goats as well as plant crops. They paid 60% of the costs and BDS gave a grant of 40%.  Grateful participants are now digging trenches for the government water pipeline to bring water from a well to a large holding tank.

038. Pipeline digging.jpg