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When BDS Consultant Prosper Ndayishimiye arrived to Ndava commune for the first time after the initial Ububwiriza Bwiza (steward leadership) training, he was amazed to see the changes as people shared that they liked learning about loving each other and blessing them with what God had created from them.

I watched with my own eyes when they put money together and handed it to a man whose wife was in the hospital. They gave him 10,000 BIF ($3, more than double the average daily wage in the county), not a small amount in such communities. I learned that they bring food and money for people who are admitted to the hospitals, especially without families to help them.”

Prosper questioned the large number of people attending the meeting. Was it because he was new? Were they expecting free items or promises? Were they pretending? “Listening to their testimonies, looking in their eyes and at faces, I learned that they were honest.”

When asked whether the treatment of each other that he saw and learned about was usual, they replied they are doing it because of what they learned from this program.  “What I saw and heard from this community is beyond my understanding and shows that BDS programs are the answers people need in the whole country.”




We see a day when…

Every Christian is an Excellent Steward of God’s Resources, and

Every Ministry is Locally Funded and Thriving -

To Reach the World for Jesus Christ

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Developing Local Steward Leaders Worldwide

Who Multiply and Mobilize the Message

Of Biblical Stewardship

To Advance God’s Kingdom

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Recognizes that God has given him/her an opportunity and responsibility for leadership.

Lives out the foundational truth that ‘God is the source of all things. Honors God as the ‘Owner of all things