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People With Abilities program is dedicated to establishing inclusive communities that honor and empower individuals with disabilities.

Our journey has led us to discover the profound joys of activities like mushroom growing and mat making, allowing our participants to engage fully and contribute meaningfully. One heartwarming instance saw a group expressing their empathy, stating, "Every kind of disability hurts, but being blind is worst," as they presented a meticulously crafted mat to Magdalene, who is blind.

Our commitment extends beyond the physical, as we're dedicated to exploring innovative ways to enhance spiritual experiences. We're excitedly embracing audio Bibles, a powerful tool that enriches the lives of Magdalene and nearly half of our program's participants who face challenges in reading and writing. Together, we're embarking on a journey of inclusion, learning, and growth, where every individual's unique abilities are cherished, and their aspirations are nurtured. Join us as we foster a community where diversity is a source of strength and unity.

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