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Impact Burundi recognizes that "WATER IS LIFE" as communities with access to water demonstrate increased quality of  life. Over time, with increasing populations in program areas, earlier systems no longer meet current needs.​ Community water management committees are being formed to be better stewards of existing resources. New ideas such as rainwater harvesting are being taught on the demonstration farm, hoping to capture some of the rain that falls for 8 to 9 months of the year.​ Tree seedlings have been planted on the demonstration farm to be transplanted to reforest areas and protect against erosion.​ *Each household in Burundi consists of 6 people or more.

Construction of a water system has begun to restore water to 4, 600 people in two communities, Musama and Kuguhu. If resources permit, a system will be built for a third community to benefit a primary school of 400 students and the wider community.

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