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Nearly half the population of Burundi does not have access to clean drinking water, often walking miles to fill containers with water from polluted sources.

Impact Burundi recognizes that "WATER IS LIFE" and has watched communities with access to water demonstrate increased quality of all aspects of life.  Over time, with increasing populations in our program areas, earlier systems no longer meet current needs.

At the same time, water from year-round springs spills into areas where it is not able to be used. Capping four springs and transporting the water 7 miles to a holding tank that will provide the pressure to distribute the water to 4,000 households.


*Each household in Burundi consists of 6 people or more.

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The Batwa people are semi-nomadic forest dwellers who make up only 1% Burundi’s population. In the midst of facing more hunger and challenges than any other group in the country, 24 families from a one community requested and received assistance to construct latrines. Their example has led other program communities to recognize and request assistance for latrines in their contexts as well.