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Give gifts that empower Impact Burundi to promote lasting change.


A gift of $50 will buy a pig that will grow to provide nutritional food for a family of 6. 


A gift of $30 will buy a bucket and soap for hand washing to protect people from COVID 19 in their regular community meetings.


A gift of $6 will pay for a bag of mushroom spores to help a family of 6 grow them for  micro-nutrients and quick income for family needs.


A gift of $30 will buy a young goat that will grow to provide nutritious food and income for a family of 6.


 A gift of $5  will buy a chicken that will grow to provide a daily gift of an  egg for food and income.


A gift of $60 will buy seeds and tools for a community garden to help 25 families have the dignity of growing some of their own food. 

PHOTO-2020-11-28-08-41-28 (2).jpg

A gift of $110 will build a latrine to promote good health and help decrease the spread of diseases.

056. Herve in Kaguhu.jpeg

 A gift of $80 will support the one month salary for a  Mobilizer to help communities learn and grow in stewarding their resources .

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