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Fruits of Stewardship Training

In Nyamurenge, Celestine is working with 15 groups of 25 members. There has been great progress in both food production and stewardship. During a visit, many participants were eager to share about their activities.

Marie said that after steward leadership training her group of all women came together. They appreciate savings and loans because they can borrow for problems like school fees and other things such as animals. They have bought each member a pig for money and manure, which they use to supplement the chemical fertilizers from the government. They make hospital visits and grow mushrooms for food for their children and themselves, as well as to sell them for money.

Celestine had given Patrick’s group 8 days of steward leadership training prior to every participant being given 4 mushroom spawns. The group decided to keep all the spawns together and, at harvest time, allowed everyone ½ kg. for tasting and then sold the rest. They invested about half of the profits from this sale to purchase an additional 4 spawns, bought 14 pigs from their savings.

In addition:

  • They helped a widow whose house was damaged by a tree falling with money to make bricks, and again later to fight a fire in her home.

  • They have provided food for those in hospital; elderly men and women; and people with disabilities.

  • They have helped repair leaking roofs.

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