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Drawn to the Margins

Pastor Rose rejoices at positive changes in the Musama community that resulted from her teaching on steward leadership. Now organized in savings and loan groups, people come together to help others. With hearts of compassion, they have built a house for someone who used to sleep outdoors, provided food to a widower with a disabled child, and donated money to help a woman with roofing.

The money for these and other projects, as well as individual loans, was generated from growing and selling mushrooms from six mushroom houses. The loans enabled people to buy hoes, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

The local government hill leader sees people now “looking smart” because of development activities, access to water, and working toward the dream of President Ndayishimiye“..that every mouth should have something to eat and every pocket should have something to buy.”

Rose is also drawn to two marginalized Batwa communities where Burundi Development Solutions supported latrine construction. She teaches Sunday School, ethics, and hygiene as she helps families navigate the realities of living alongside the larger Burundian community.

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